The 29-year-old pianist offered proof of his extraordinary musical maturity in his rendering of the Beethoven E Major Sonate opus 109. From the very outset, one could sense Beethoven`s creative striving for the unmistakable, the compelling absolute ... Peter Braun-Feldweg does not represent the type of prodigious virtuoso of the old school, subjugating and unsetting their audiences, struggling relentlessly to hold them spellbound. His suggestive strength is of a magical quality. One could see how the world around him sank away, leaving the performer at one with his music, and one gazed at him as in the admiration of something grand but unapproachable.

(Fränkisches Volksblatt, on a piano recital in the Kaisersaal of the Würzburger Residenz)

An extraordinary musical experience ...
(Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung)

Among those were his perceptive accompanist, Peter Braun-Feldweg, who in amicable rapport provided the piano`s contribution to this congenial partnership.
(Fränkisches Volksblatt in a review of the recital with Thomas Quasthoff in the Würzburg Academy of Music)

Ludwig van Beethoven`s Sonata in A Flat Major opus 110 ... led the audience to an inner experience ... Thus his spiritualised rendering became a demonstration of what music can impart to the human mind. The performance was followed by a period of silence ... Then came long and appreciative applause.
(Kulturring, Hannover)

The two musicians have already gathered remarkable experience, as evidenced by the sharpness of their performance.
(Freie Presse, on the Concerto for two Pianos and Orchestra KV 365 by Mozart, with Nobuko Nagaoka and the Erzgebirgische Philharmonie)

... captivated by the complex timbres, consummately rendered in the 31-year-old pianist`s sensitive performing style. Braun-Feldweg has mastered the art of shaping the timbre in ever new ways, not merely playing the music but rather emphasizing its nuances.
(Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung)