Curriculum vitae
Peter Braun-Feldweg appears in concert in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the USA, Japan and in China. He has given piano recitals in the "Kaisersaal" of the royal seat of Würzburg, in the "Casals Hall" Tokyo (Japan) and he has appeared on stage as a soloist of various chamber orchestras. In 1992 he participated in a CD production of the label Thorofon, interpreting musical pieces of Bach and Chopin. In 1998 he recorded a solo-CD with compositions of Mozart, Chopin and Schubert and in 2004 he was invited to the international festival "Carl Loewe" in Löbejün. In a 2008 produced CD he recorded the compositions of Haydn, Beethoven, Liszt and Shostakowitsch. From 2009 to 2014 he appears in Solorecitals in China in BeiJing, Dalian, Shenzhen, Shenyang und Guangzhou and Quillin.

In his hometown Würzburg he got lessons by Mrs Roswitha Damjakob. At the Academy of Music in Hanover, where Peter Braun-Feldweg completed his concert diploma, he studied in courses with Prof. Bernhard Ebert, later in a soloist training in classes conducted by Prof. Vladimir Krainev. He attended masterclasses held by Prof. Martha Sosinska, Prof. Leonid Brumberg, Prof. Peter Feuchtwanger, Prof. Rudolf Kehrer, courses for chamber music held by Prof. Baldini and courses for contemporary music on the piano held by Jeffrey Burns.

Prof. Peter Braun-Feldweg runs masterclasses at the "Shenyang Conservatory of Music", at the "Jinan University", Guangzhou and the "Shenzhen University" in China, at the "Showa Conservatory" in Morioka, Japan and also at the "Landesmusikakademie" Saxony-Anhalt, the monastery Michaelstein. At the Institute for Music of the university "Otto-von-Guericke" in Magdeburg, the pianist Braun-Feldweg held a lectureship for piano playing for many years, presently he is visiting professor at the "Bejing Institute of Performing Arts", People`s Repuplic of China.

In reviews on him, especially the sensitivity and the expressiveness of his way of playing the piano is pointed out as follows:

His interpretation "led the audience to an experience of intrinsic value."
(Beethoven, Sonata A flat major, op.110, Kulturring Hannover)

"The 29-year-old pianist provided conclusive proof of his extraordinary artistic maturity by presenting the sonata op.109 E major by Beethoven. From the very first tone one felt Beethoven`s will of compositions characterized by distinctiveness, by clarity."

"Peter Braun-Feldweg did not represent the type of a brilliant virtuoso from the old school trying to subjugate the audience, to shake it and to mercilessly cast a spell over it. His persuasive power is magic. One could see that he lived in another world to be seen from the point of view of an artist, one got to know the artist being in agreement with his work and looked at him admiringly as at something of importance but unapproachable."
(Fränkisches Volksblatt, Würzburg)

"The pianist did not get carried away with excessive fuss. The piano playing of the artist born in Würzburg impressed with clarity of thought. In part a breathtaking performance set the tone for the magnificent sounds."
(Chopin, Polonaise F sharp minor op.44, Wertheimer Zeitung)

(Translation by Dr. Thomas Weick)